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Compatible with all mobile phone systems

Instruction for operating Universal Hands Free Kits

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  1. Please turn mobile phone volume to the loudest.
  2. Turn speaker to the right or left, opposite from the mobile phone.
  3. Lower the volume of the hand-free kits when echo is heard.
  4. Best results when mobile phone and hand-free kits are at least 15cm(6 inches) apart from each other.
  5. Optional earphone for private phone call.
  6. Build-in speaker with volume control.
  7. Adjustable cigarette lighter plug for tighter fit.
  8. Universal phone holder for all model mobile phones.
  9. Compatible with all vehicles with 12V cigarette lighter socket
  10. Build-in additional cigarette lighter receptacle for extra power supply.
  1. Blessing for drivers:
    Comply with governments's regulation of "No hand held operation of mobile phones when driving on th road". It provides a safe and low-abiding operation of mobile phones for drivers.
  2. Universal compatibility:
    Applicable with all types of mobile phones for AMPS, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, DCS and ETACS systems
  3. Worldwide patented:
    Patented in the U.S.A., Europe, Taiwan and China.
  4. Versatile holder:
    360o,Position adiustable one touch for easy "hold & release" function for all types of mobile phones.
  5. All directions voice collector:
    According to all different design of receiver and its position, the voice collector is adjustable in all direction towards the receiver.
  6. Adjustable cigarette lighter plug:
    Adjustabl plug to fit tightly into the cigarette lighter socket of Cupopean, American or Japanese cars.
  7. Adjustable speaker:
    360o adjustable speaker with volume cintrol for easy and clear listening.
  8. Extra power supply:
    Additional cigarette lighter socket locatied in the oposite side of the speaker for extra power supply.
  9. Extra earphone:
    Extra earphone available for private conversation.

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